Make a Difference on Green Gift Monday

Celebrate Green Gift Monday with Conservation International.Forget Black Friday. In the past few years, the in-vogue way to snag shoppers’ money during the holiday season has been “Cyber Monday.”

For the uninitiated, that’s a “holiday,” four days after the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving, when online stores offer serious discounts. And it’s equally serious business. On Cyber Monday 2009, consumers spent nearly $890 million online — quite a bit of money.

What if some of that money went to a good cause?

Well, our friends at The Nature Conservancy had the same idea. They’re encouraging people everywhere to put a twist on Cyber Monday by turning it into Green Gift Monday.

As TNC says, “We want to encourage you to give gifts that actually make a difference.”

Some simple gift ideas include:

  • Buying used goods instead of new ones
  • Selecting energy-efficient or otherwise eco-friendly products
  • Giving something intangible — anything from a hiking trip to a dinner date
  • Donating to charity in someone’s honor

TNC’s partners include everyone from and the American Red Cross to Mother Nature Network and Treehugger — places frequented by everyone from your hardcore green friends to your neighbor who just likes to shop online.

In other words, this is something everyone can get behind, so tell all your friends!

How to support CI

Not to be too shameless about it, but we think a gift to CI in someone else’s honor would be a positive way to support Green Gift Monday. Give in someone’s honor by protecting an acre of tropical rainforest or saving a mile of ocean. Donations will help CI in its efforts to safeguard some of the world’s most critical ecosystems for the benefit of humanity.


  • If you’re one of the holders of a Starbucks Preservation Card, know that every time you use the card, Starbucks will contribute 5 cents to CI. You can help us raise as much as $125,000 just by using and recharging your card. You can treat your loved one to a holiday beverage, too — in a reusable mug, of course!
  • Thanks to our partnership with our friends at glassybaby, 100% of the proceeds from the first 100 glassybaby Love Our Oceans gift sets will be donated to CI to support our many efforts, including protecting our beautiful oceans.

Spread the word

No matter how you participate in Green Gift Monday, whether it’s through a gift to CI, a gift to a friend, or a gift to yourself, let us know. We’d love to hear about your experiences.

You can leave a comment on this blog post, shout out to us on our Facebook fan page, or send us a note on Twitter.

Thanks for reading, and merry Green Gift Monday.



    Great love this type of online activity.Hope to get a calendar or stationary in future.Of course everything has to be recyclable

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