New Facebook Game to Green Virtual and Real Worlds

In the conservation world, we are constantly searching for new ways to reach new audiences, educate them about the most pressing environmental issues and compel them to take action. That’s why we’re excited about Ecotopia, a new social game launched today on Facebook.

In the game — which was developed by independent studio Talkie in association with CI players begin with a dirty, uninhabitable environment and must generate resources by completing immersive in-game tasks. Resources are then used to develop a sustainable city that players can customize to create their own utopia. Players can also connect with their Facebook friends, sending gifts to each other and visiting neighboring maps to perform helpful actions.

But rather than spending hours online saving a virtual world, wouldn’t we be better off getting out and helping the real one? In a feature new to social gaming, Ecotopia allows you to do both. The game encourages and empowers users to take sustainable actions in the real world — which can be redeemed for rewards in the game world. Players can learn more about CI’s work by watching short videos within the game; they also can post photos of their green acts, upload video, or have their friends verify their work for in-game points.

With more than 300 million people playing social games on Facebook every day, Ecotopia is poised to reach a huge number of players. And while the game will surely be fun for people already interested in conservation, its biggest impact may come from the engagement of new audiences, who will learn how easy — and even fun — it can be to make a positive environmental impact.

Check out the game here — and be sure to share it with your friends!


  1. kayley says

    i need a vurtial game on facebook to play with my friend on not pico or mini planet im kiked off mini planet for not going on for 3 years and pico is crap

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