Why CI Works with Corporations

A Toyota-sponsored tree planting event in the Philippines.

Lately, there’s been much discussion about both the role the private sector plays in conservation and its relationship with environmental organizations.

Because the environmental issues facing humanity are so massive and complex, we believe that the most effective way to find solutions is to work with partners. That includes other NGOs, governments and, yes, corporations.

We understand and respect the views of those who believe that accepting funding from corporations creates a conflict of interest. But we strongly believe that corporate financial support — communicated transparently, directed toward our core conservation programs, and linked to high expectations for the sustainability performance of our corporate partners — does not in any way compromise our integrity, independence and effectiveness.

CI has actively and transparently engaged with corporations for more than 20 years for the purpose of improving environmental practices and preserving the benefits we all receive from nature, and together we’re making a real difference. We welcome your questions, comments and ideas on how we work together to protect the most critical ecosystems.

Justin Ward is the vice president of business practices in CI’s Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (CELB).

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