Conservation Deserves More than 2%

A morpho butterfly in Guyana. (© CI/Piotr Naskrecki)

If you’re reading this blog, you probably know just how important nature is to our daily lives. For human beings, nature underpins everything — and we mean everything. Our food, our health, our jobs, even international security … it all comes from nature.

Yet according to Giving USA, only 2 percent of charitable giving in 2008 went to the safeguarding of ecosystems and their biodiversity. Put another way, just 2 cents out of every dollar went to conservation.

To put that in perspective, imagine your workplace with 2 percent of its employees. Or your school with 2 percent of its teachers. Or a city with 2 percent of its police officers, firefighters and sanitation workers.

Wouldn’t work very well, would it?

It’s simple, really. At a time when our sea ice is melting, our forests are being destroyed, our weather is becoming more extreme, and our species are going extinct, 2 percent is not enough.

And that’s why CI has teamed up with Earth Friends and its founder, conservationist and entrepreneur Rick Flory, to spread the message that Conservation Deserves More Than 2%. We’re fighting for the places that human beings depend upon — every day. The more support we can get, the healthier and happier our world will be.

Can you join us in this campaign? I know that together, we can make a big difference.

Chris Coletta is a staff writer on CI’s communications team.


  1. elkana k says

    The two percent concervation is not enough in this world,there’s a saying that says ‘if we destroy nature then we shall get prepared to be destroyed by nature”

    2 percent is like a drop in the desert.lets come together and conserve this world for a better future,and see mists covering hills.

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