A Special Message from Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford in Nagoya, Japan. (© CI/Photo by Haja Rasambainarivo)

I was there when the fate of the world’s biodiversity hung in the balance.

It was October 2010 in Nagoya, Japan. High-level diplomats were meeting to discuss how to best protect biodiversity … and things were not going well. The BBC headline claimed the talks had “stalled.”

But days later, there were cheers and wild applause when diplomats reached a deal. Against the odds, they took the bold step of protecting millions of acres of important forests and oceans — and all the life they contain. That was a bold move and a good start, but there is more work to do.

During my stay in Japan, I was reminded that happy endings aren’t just for movies; and they don’t write themselves. They require hard work and steadfast support.

I’ve worked with and supported CI for more than 20 years precisely because they bring that dedication and tenacity to the table. And I’ll continue my support in 2012 — because at a time when 7 billion people depend on nature for food, water, jobs, energy and so much more, nature needs our help now more than ever.

That’s why CI scientists work around the world to ensure we understand the complex ecosystems that humanity depends upon. It’s why our field staff works hand in hand with those who can make the biggest difference, from indigenous peoples to presidents. It’s also why we team with businesses and governments to improve the way they operate.

My family and I depend on this planet just as much as you do — as we all do, because people need nature to thrive. There’s no time to waste if we want to protect it.

This year, Calista and I are contributing to CI in honor of our friends and family. Please join us by making a generous gift in honor of your friends and family this holiday season. It’s tax-deductible and your donation will help CI protect every species on Earth — including our own — right now.

This holiday season, our friends at the Pritzker Foundation have issued a million dollar challenge: For every dollar donated, they’ll contribute two. This triples the impact of your gift! CI is fighting for nature right now, but they need your help. I urge you to be as generous as you can.

Your gift will mean so much for all life on Earth. Please, give to Conservation International today.

I’m honored to stand with you. Thank you for your support of CI’s work, and happy holidays.

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