Help Those Who Can’t Take a Holiday

Fishermen in Madagascar. (© Cristina Mittermeier)

Today is Boxing Day, a bank holiday that many of us know only from its mysterious presence on calendars. Although the origins of the day are uncertain, a common theme is that it’s traditionally a day to give to those in need.

As many of us take time off from work or school this week, it’s important to remember those people who can’t. In sub-Saharan Africa, many women and children walk more than 10 miles every day to collect fresh water for bathing, cooking and other daily uses. Subsistence fishermen in Madagascar count on their daily catch to feed their families. And as global demands for resources continue to grow, the assault on our planet’s valuable ecosystems and iconic species never take a holiday.

People need nature to thrive, yet around the world, in rich countries and poor, the stress on our natural resources has never been greater. And that’s why we need your help.

Please join us. Make a donation to Conservation International today to support our fight to protect ecosystems and support communities across the globe. (Want one more reason to lend a hand? Through December, a generous donation by the Pritzker Foundation will triple the impact of your online gift.)

Thank you so much for your support. Here’s to a peaceful and prosperous holiday season.

Molly Bergen is managing editor on CI’s communications team.

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