Video Showcases Artificial Reef-Building in Indonesia

Since February 2011, CI-Indonesia has been collaborating on a reef restoration project with the Nusa Wisata Foundation, a local NGO based in Nusa Penida, Bali. The project aims to restore the live coral in front of the Ped Temple of Nusa Penida — an ecologically-important area and a popular tourist site, as well as an area of significant spiritual importance for the communities of Bali.

From 1995 to 2000, a tourist pontoon, or floating platform, was heedlessly positioned over the old Ped reef. The metal chains anchoring the pontoon to the ocean floor swayed with the current, severely damaging the reef underneath. While the pontoon was removed in 2000, the damage remained, with only coral rubble where a vibrant reef used to be. The reef could no longer support fisheries or attract tourists — both vitally important income sources for the local economy.

Working closely with local communities from the Ped Temple area, CI-Indonesia and the Nusa Wisata Foundation initiated a project to rehabilitate the reef. Together, our teams built several artificial reef blocks and transplanted coral species on top of the blocks. In addition, to reduce the impact of future boat anchoring, several mooring buoys will be installed offshore of the Ped Village. The proposed plan will not only protect the natural and cultural resources of this unique place, but also enhance tourist enjoyment of these resources.

To learn more about the artificial reef — and watch footage of its construction — check out the video commissioned by the CI-Indonesia team, below.

Putu Liza “Icha” Mustika is CI-Indonesia’s Bali marine protected area network manager.

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