Pledge to Protect the Planet That Provides

It can be easy to feel disconnected from nature — especially if, like more than half of the world’s population, you live in a city, where food may seem to appear magically in grocery stores and fresh water comes out of a tap.

Yet it’s important to remember that without intact natural areas elsewhere, cities could not exist. Forests help counterbalance the air pollution of cities, absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. Rivers and lakes provide the water that urban residents use every day. Our food comes from farmland that must maintain healthy soils so it can continue to support a growing population.

This uplifting video, produced by CI’s visual storytelling team, reminds us of the infinite ways we depend on nature — not only for the material needs of current and future generations, but also for the beauty and inspiration that makes life worthwhile.

No matter where you live, please consider taking the pledge to protect the planet that provides.


Molly Bergen is the managing editor on CI’s news and publicity team.


  1. billie says

    i would like to talk to someone from your org. about the flooding on my southern nj costal home, i think its cause by energy company who built a dike behind our house and purposely flooded a dry salt hay meadow by digging until they struck water and now when the tide comes up the water comes straight at my property through a ditch they dug after they built the dike to ensure i dont get flooded. Hurricane sandy storm surge toppeled over the dike and into my yard with such a force, created by the ditch they dug to ensure i dont get flooded, it ripped my swimmiming pool off the deck and into shreds all about my yard, it lifted up a refridgerated trailer that hooks to a mack truck and almost tipped it over, breaking the landing gear when it slammed back down and ruining just about everything inside. Ripped the porch off of one of my homes on the property and its a disaster. Three to four feet of waiter washed through my home with every tide after that for 3 days until the water receeded enough that we could get back down our street and to our home. The storm surge caused the dike to fail on one end and sent water flooded our whole town, even in places that had never experienced flooding ever. People had to be rescued in boats with their little children cold wet and visibly in shock and disbelief, they had no idea how to prepare or what to do, because it has never flooded that section of town before, now the dike is caved in, and there is nothing to stop the water from coming on next new or full moon especially if there is a storm, or windy blowing in high tide with a moon senario. The only purpose for this dike is the fact that this energy company was demanded by the state of nj to build cooling towers for their nuclear plant because they were killing mass amounts of marine life with the heating of the water and pollution, so they man made a wetland out of dry land and claim things are living and growing in it. Well, between what they are pumping into it and what is dying in it because of it paints a completey different picture from their claims to nature preservation. Wanna see some pics. This whole project makes no sense, but them spending millions to save billions with no regard for human or marine life makes me sick. I want them to fix it correctly to ensure we are accomidated from flooding and damage because of it and I want to get paid for all the damage it caused to my home and property. Does anyone here no how i can do this.

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