Spreading CI Holiday Cheer

I love this time of year. The lights, the music, the food, the special time with friends and family — I love it all.

Heather with her sons. (photo courtesy of Heather Luca)

Heather with her sons. (photo courtesy of Heather Luca)

But I have two young boys, and I worry about the impact we’re having — especially during the holidays — on our precious planet. So I’ve done my best to reduce, re-use and recycle where I can. My family composts, I drive a hybrid car, we use reusable bags and water bottles, and during the holidays we recycle wrapping paper and use LED lights on a timer. But I just couldn’t bring myself to send e-cards instead of paper cards.

You see, I love the feeling of holding a fine paper in my hands and admiring the way colors and images sit on it. And for me, spending the time to carefully select a family photo, a message and a design for our card each year is a joyful way to send a little piece of ourselves to the many, many people who have touched our lives over the years.

This year, we at CI decided to emulate the time-honored holiday card tradition by hand-writing notes to some of the donors who have helped us maintain the healthy ecosystems that sustain us all. Last week, our communications team hosted a letter-writing party to personally thank some of our supporters, whether they gave their first donation this year or back in 1987, when CI was founded.

CI's Green Impressions stickers

A donation of $25 can help counter the environmental impact of your holiday cards. CI’s Green Impressions stickers canbe placed on the back of your card, or used as an envelope seal. (photo courtesy of Heather Luca)

Amid twinkly lights, holiday music and more chocolate than we knew what to do with, we spent a fun few hours doing our best to give back just a fraction of the thanks our supporters deserve. For people accustomed to typing on keyboards all day, it was a unique workout for our wrists and fingers! But we feel it’s worth it: Only through the generosity of people like you are we able to continue to work with communities, governments, businesses and other partners across the globe to safeguard our planet’s precious resources for future generations.

To all those who have supported us over the past year: thank you. And to those of you who have not yet made your year-end holiday gift, there’s still time!

A gift of just $25 will provide a valuable contribution to CI’s game-changing conservation work. In addition, if you still haven’t sent your holiday cards, a donation of this amount can help counter the environmental impact of 20 of them. And to show your friends and loved ones that you’re taking important steps to protect our planet — and our future — you get a festive green sticker that says as much. The stickers are called Green Impressions, and they can be placed on the back of your card, or used as an envelope seal to say that you join us in protecting this planet that provides us with everything that makes life possible.

Heather Luca is the acting managing director of CI’s Marketing and Branding division.

Don’t forget to make your year-end tax-deductible gift!

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