Where on Earth is Russ? Field Report from Suriname

Russ Mittermeier, CI’s president, technically lives in Virginia, but it would be more accurate to call him a true “citizen of the world.”

As the only working field biologist at the head of a major international environmental organization, Mittermeier spends much of his time traveling across the globe — continuing his field research on primates and other species, attending meetings with important decision-makers and continuing the spread the word about the importance of protecting nature for all of us.

CI’s internal communications team recently created a video series called “Where on Earth is Russ?” in order to share stories of his travels with staff. We thought you might like it, too. Today’s video takes us to Suriname — site of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve, a protected area created by CI and the Surinamese government in 1998.

Mittermeier was joined by CI’s visual storytelling team, who are working on two films about the importance of the Guiana Shield region — which includes Suriname — for the people of South America. Stay tuned!

Molly Bergen is CI’s blog managing editor.

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