Welcome to Human Nature!

You may have noticed CI’s blog looks a little different today. Not only is it sleeker and easier to search, but most importantly it has a new name: Human Nature.

frog in Suriname

Frog in Suriname. Among other benefits they provide for humans, amphibians help regulate populations of insects that destroy crops and spread disease. (© Cristina Mittermeier)

In our increasingly urbanized, wired world, many people have become dangerously disconnected from the natural gifts that sustain us. As CI works to expand global understanding of all of the ways that people need nature — not only to thrive, but survive — we wanted our blog to have a name that reflects the inextricable connections between ourselves and our planet.

As Human Nature moves ahead, we’ll continue to tell the stories that have always brought you here — stories about discovering species, improving community livelihoods, reducing corporations’ environmental footprints, studying climate change impacts and more. We’ll share thoughts from more of our high-level staff and partners, who are among the world’s leading experts on conservation and sustainable development issues. And we’ll document CI’s efforts as we expand into new frontiers, such as the global movement to measure and value our planet’s natural capital (the benefits and services provided to people by biodiversity and ecosystems).

Other new blog features include:

  • Chairman’s Corner: This is where you can find the latest posts by CI Chairman and CEO Peter Seligmann and President Russ Mittermeier.
  • “Authors” page: This makes it easier for you to find content by a specific author. In the coming weeks, we’ll also add the ability to browse Human Nature posts by geographic region — stay tuned!
  • Blogroll: To help you learn more about the issues we care about, we’ve added a list of some of the blogs and websites we follow regularly.

I began managing CI’s blog a few months after it launched in the spring of 2009. Almost four years and 730 posts later, it has evolved into one of our most important tools for sharing the successes and challenges of CI’s work across the globe.

I’m proud to have played a part in this transition, and I’m excited about how Human Nature is moving forward. I hope you’ll take a moment to explore the site and share your thoughts.

Molly Bergen is the managing editor of Human Nature.


  1. Turnkey Websites says

    What a beautiful photo of the frog! They are truly amazing creatures and reminds us all of our fragile ecosystem and when they start to decline along with the bees, it serves as a wake-up call, hopefully to those who are able to make a difference.

  2. Tilahun says

    Thanks very much for your concern to celebrate world ocean day that is very crucial situation currently the area need highly dedication to conserve ocean species before vanishing

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