CI Photojournal: Nature Meets Culture in South America

Every year on April 22, Earth Day is celebrated with nature hikes, beach cleanups and numerous other gatherings designed to help people get back in touch with nature.

But in some of the most beautiful and vulnerable places around the world, every day is Earth Day. With the current threats to the planet — climate change impacts, continued deforestation, pollution and many more — communities have no other option but to fight every day to protect nature and make sure it can continue to provide all of us with its vital benefits for generations to come.

We recently held a photo contest for CI staff, asking them to use their photos to tell a story about the inextricable connections between people and nature.

Over the next few weeks, Human Nature will be showcasing the photos (and captions) of our three winning entries. We begin today with the submission of Trond Larsen — director of CI’s Rapid Assessment Program (RAP), a field biologist and a stunning photographer to boot.

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