Recap: Peter Seligmann’s Twitter Chat

flower in South Africa

Flower (genus Protea) in South Africa. (© CI/photo by Haroldo Castro)

“What on Earth did we do before Twitter?”

That’s a question I found myself asking on Earth Day, when I sat down with CI’s chairman and CEO, Peter Seligmann, for a Twitter chat with supporters.

It wasn’t CI’s first-ever Twitter chat. But it was Peter’s. And as we sat in his office — reading the questions that came in, with Peter giving thoughtful answers and me typing them up to the best of my ability — I was struck by the feeling that it was just cool. Here was the CEO of one of the biggest conservation organizations in the world, and he was taking questions from everyday folks, around the world, who just wanted to know more about how CI is protecting our planet.

And they were good questions. How do we balance humanity’s resource needs with ecosystem protection? What are the most concerning problems we face? How can I help?

It was Peter’s first Twitter chat. But it likely won’t be his last. Thanks to everyone who participated — and if you missed it, here’s the transcript of the whole chat online so you can catch up yourself.

Chris Coletta is CI’s community manager.

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