CI’s 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2013

cocoa frog in Suriname

This photo — of a sleek chocolate-colored “cocoa” frog that may be new to science — comes from Human Nature’s most popular blog of 2013. The frog was found on a recent scientific expedition in the Surinamese rainforest. (© Stuart V Nielsen)

2013 was a big year for Human Nature.

In addition to re-launching the blog under its new name, we have published 125 posts written by 79 authors coming from places as diverse as Madagascar, China, Timor-Leste and Brazil.

Some people blogged from tents in rainforests or boats out at sea; others wrote from meeting halls where world leaders made decisions that will reverberate across the globe. We shared stories of groundbreaking partnerships, exciting discoveries and monumental challenges.

As this blog’s editor, looking back at the year’s most popular blogs (as well as the least popular ones) gives me insight into what you, the readers, are most interested in learning about. I look forward to bringing you more great stories in 2014 — stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are our 10 most-viewed posts of 2013.

  1. Expedition to Southeast Suriname Uncovers 60 New Species — and Untold Natural Wealth Field biologist Trond Larson doesn’t let a flood stop him from exploring one of the world’s most remote rainforests.
  2. Conservationist Killed in Costa Rica, Where Illegal Wildlife + Drug Trades Threaten Security This tragic story of the death of a sea turtle advocate has led to a public outcry — in Costa Rica and beyond — that has spurred plans for a new protected area.
  3. Newest ‘Walking’ Shark Heralds Bright Future for Indonesia’s Sharks and Rays The discovery of a new species of “walking” shark could inspire the Indonesian government to expand on important steps it has already taken to protect its marine life.
  4. Aliens of the Deep: Deep-sea Sharks Are the Hidden Stars of Shark Week Chief Ocean Scientist Greg Stone has spent much of the last 30 years underwater, but even he has had few encounters with these mysterious creatures.
  5. 5 Things You Didn’t Know Sharks Do for You Reasons even people with shark phobias should support their protection.
  6. Reducing Global Plastic Use Is Key to Fight Ocean Pollution The Plastic Pollution Coalition’s “Think Beyond Plastic” competition offered cash prizes to businesses with promising plastic-reduction solutions.
  7. 1 Million Camera Trap Photos — and Counting The Tropical Ecology Assessment & Monitoring (TEAM) Network reaches an important milestone in its camera-trap data collection.
  8. 5 Ways Nature Can Help Us Meet the Population Challenge Protecting essential ecosystems is critical if we are to provide food, water and energy for a growing global population.
  9. Climate Change Puts the Squeeze on Wine Production What does the future hold for the world’s most well-known wine producing regions?
  10. Remembering Two Field Biology Pioneers On the 20th anniversary of a devastating plane crash, CI President Russ Mittermeier reflects on the legacy of two naturalists.

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Molly Bergen is the senior managing editor of Human Nature. 


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