Your 10 Favorite CI Blog Posts of 2014

In many ways, it’s been a rough year for good news. 2014 saw the rise of ISIS, a resurgence of Ebola and increasing tensions between police and protestors across the globe, among other occurrences that seem to show the world at its worst.

children swimming, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Children swimming in Indonesia’s Raja Ampat archipelago. (© Shawn Heinrichs)

Yet in times like this, it’s even more important to remember the positive stories, the ones that give us hope that things can and will get better. As I took a look back at Human Nature’s most-read blogs of the past year, most of these posts are strong conveyors of that message, reminding us that protecting nature is the key to our prosperity both now and in the future.

In case you missed them or want to revisit a favorite story, here are CI’s 10 most popular blog posts of 2014.

  1. Indonesia Gives Mantas a New ‘Ray of Hope’

Mark Erdmann explains how the economics of ecotourism factored into the Indonesian government’s decision to award full protection to manta rays in the country’s waters.

  1. Why Palm Oil is Not the Enemy

According to John Buchanan, the cultivation of palm oil itself isn’t the problem — it’s where and how it’s grown that we need to change.

  1. Save Nature, Save Lives

Will Turner shares a personal story to illustrate just how closely tied intact ecosystems are with human health.

  1. New Caledonia Establishes World’s Largest Marine Park

In this Q&A, Jean-Christophe LeFeuvre gives his reaction to this milestone in marine conservation.

  1. 10 Marine Areas We Must Protect

Elizabeth Selig spotlights new data on where marine life is the most and least threatened by human activities.

  1. 8 Nature Books You Should Read This Summer

Whether it’s summer, winter, wet or dry season where you are, it’s always a good time to check out some of these picks from CI staff.

  1. 4 American Conservation Stories to Celebrate

Kevin Connor counts down a few inspiring stories of conservation from American history.

  1. Is There Hope for Madagascar?

Then-CI President (and now Executive Vice Chair) Russ Mittermeier shares his optimism about movement toward a more sustainable economy in a country that Mittermeier has visited over 80 times in 30 years.

  1. Is There a Silver Lining to the New IPCC Climate Change Report?

Fabio Scarano explains that despite new data showing that climate change impacts could be worse than we thought, we’ve reached a better understanding of the most effective ways to fight back.

  1. The Guardians of Raja Ampat: Community-driven Conservation in Indonesia

Photographers, filmmakers and marine conservationists Shawn Heinrichs and John Weller share the motivation behind their new film about the communities supporting ocean protection in a remote Indonesian archipelago — as well as some of their inspiring images.

Molly Bergen is the senior managing editor of Human Nature.

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