Teeth to tail: 6 stories about sharks this week

A Blacktip reef shark cruises the shallow reefs of a tropical lagoon. (© Kydd Pollock/Marine Photobank)

Editor’s note: Shark Week 2017 kicks off in a couple of days, featuring everything from an Olympian racing a great white to our very own scientist’s exploration of “alien” species. Before you dive in, take a look at six of Human Nature’s most popular shark stories — and scroll down to the end to see our Shark Week Photo Gallery.

shark in Fiji

1. 5 things you didn’t know sharks do for you

Did you know? Sharks help move carbon through the ocean — and they just might be the key to helping scientists cure certain diseases.


2. Whale shark watch: 4 things we’ve learned from tracking the world’s largest fish

Conservation International scientists made headlines in 2015 when they launched a ground-breaking whale shark satellite tagging program in Indonesia. Check back here next week for fresh updates.


Hammerhead3. Expedition to ‘island of sharks’ gathers hundreds of hours of new ocean data

A team of 18 scientists made a 36-hour boat journey from Puntarenas, Costa Rica, to one of the world’s best dive sites: Cocos Island National Park. Here’s what they learned.


Hemiscyllium halmahera), one of nine species of walking shark

4. Why ‘walking sharks’ are at greater risk for extinction than we thought

Walking sharks are only active at night, when they emerge from hiding places to “walk” about the reef in search of food. Here, a pioneer in the study of walking sharks describes key findings about the species.

5. Aliens of the deep: Deep-sea sharks are the hidden stars of Shark Week

Step aside great whites and hammerheads: There’s a slew of little-known shark species that deserve more attention, such as the goblin and megamouth sharks.


6. Recent findings illuminate dark world of ‘demon whale biters’

Cookie-cutter sharks bite whales, tuna, other sharks — even humans — and leave behind neat, circular wounds that give them their name. Scientists have a nickname for them: “demon whale biters.”


Shark Week Photo Gallery

Sophie Bertazzo is a senior editor at CI.

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