Best of 2018: Like to dive? New course will train you to be a ‘ghostbuster’ of the sea

Abandoned fishing gear

Fish swim near abandoned fishing gear in Panama Bay. (© Conservation International/photo by Edgardo Ochoa)

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Ghost nets — commercial fishing equipment and nets that are left behind or lost — trap, injure and kill whales, sharks and other marine species. Few professional divers are trained to remove such gear from the oceans. That is about to change.

In October, PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) began offering a ghost-net removal course for any of the millions of certified recreational divers in an effort to remove ghost nets where they are found. Edgardo Ochoa, Conservation International’s marine safety officer, who helped PADI create the course, dives into his experience removing ghost nets and witnessing the harm that they can cause.

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Olivia DeSmit is a staff writer for Conservation International.

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