Human Nature is the blog of Conservation International (CI).

This blog is written by a diverse group of passionate people who believe in CI’s mission to safeguard nature’s critical services for the well-being of all of us. Authors include members of our global staff working in more than 25 countries, as well as valued partners with whom we team up to guide our efforts and extend our impact.

In our increasingly urbanized, wired world, many people have become dangerously disconnected from the natural gifts that sustain us. Human Nature aims to illustrate all of the ways that people need nature not only to thrive, but survive — to show how it underpins everything. You’ll notice that in Human Nature’s logo, the two words share one “n”, a design that calls attention to these essential connections. We invite readers to virtually monitor our progress and follow our efforts as we collaborate with communities, companies, governments, peers and everyone else who believes in our mission.

Here’s what you’ll find here:

  • New ideas and opinions from CI’s experts on threats and solutions involving the essential services the planet provides humanity — a stable climate, abundant supplies of food and fresh water, safeguards for human health, the provision of cultural services and abundant biodiversity. This is our natural capital.
  • Insights into our field work around the world. Whether written from a boat on the open ocean, a conference hall at an international meeting or a village on the edge of the rainforest, we’ll show you what we’re seeing.
  • Links to resources that we find worthy of sharing, such as websites, publications, news stories and published articles from CI staff, partners and others.
  • Photos and videos that take you inside our work and reveal the beauty of and threats to our natural world.

Some of us are scientists; others are public- or corporate-policy advisors; yet others are economists, organizers, educators and more. As a result, Human Nature contains a wide range of voices and points of view, bound by the common mission to forge solutions that result in the development of healthy, sustainable societies that will support our own species well into the future.

[Disclaimer: The thoughts and opinions expressed on Human Nature are those of the authors and blog commenters, and do not necessarily reflect the positions of CI.]

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