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    • Brittany Ajroud
      Brittany Ajroud
      Brittany Ajroud

      Associate, Policy Center for Environment + Peace (Former CI Employee)

    • Dr. Leeanne Alonso
      Dr. Leeanne Alonso

      Director, Rapid Assessment Program (RAP) (Former CI Employee)

    • Martina Anandam
      Martina Anandam
      Martina Anandam

      Researcher, Wildlife Information Liaison Development + Co-leader, Himalayan Langur Project

    • Dr. Sandy Andelman
      Dr. Sandy Andelman
      Dr. Sandy Andelman

      Executive Director, Vital Signs; Chief Scientist + Senior Vice President, Betty + Gordon Moore Center for Science + Oceans (Former CI Employee)

    • Jamey Anderson
    • Anton Ario
      Anton Ario
      Anton Ario

      Gedepahala Program Manager, CI Indonesia (Former CI Employee)

    • James Atherton
      James Atherton

      Acting Executive Director, CI Pacific Islands (Former CI Employee)

    • Alex Awiti
      Alex Awiti
      Alex Awiti

      Ecosystems Ecologist

  • B
    • Elizabeth Baer
      Elizabeth Baer
      Elizabeth Baer

      Director of Sustainable Supply Chains, Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (CELB) (Former CI Employee)

    • Nadia Balducci and Natalia Ortiz
      Nadia Balducci and Natalia Ortiz

      Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) Award Winners

    • Sara Barbour
      Sara Barbour
      Sara Barbour

      Senior Coordinator, Vital Signs (Former CI Employee)

    • Marcele Bastos
      Marcele Bastos
      Marcele Bastos

      Communications Coordinator, CI Brazil (Former CI Employee)

    • Amanda Beard
      Amanda Beard

      Former Competitive Swimmer + Olympic Medal-winner

    • Michael Beckner
      Michael Beckner
      Michael Beckner

      Wildlife Trafficking Manager, Africa + Madagascar Field Division (Former CI Employee)

    • Lucio Bede
      Lucio Bede
      Lucio Bede

      Director, Knowledge Management, CI Brazil (Former CI Employee)

    • Dr. Bruce Beehler
      Dr. Bruce Beehler
      Dr. Bruce Beehler

      Senior Director, Biodiversity Assessments + Ecosystem Health (Former CI Employee)

    • Angela Beer
      Angela Beer
      Angela Beer

      Education Advisor, MV Kalabia

    • Molly Bergen
      Molly Bergen
      Molly Bergen

      Senior Managing Editor, Human Nature (Former CI Employee)

    • Corina Bernabe
      Corina Bernabe

      Communications Coordinator, CI Philippines (Former CI Employee)

    • Josh Berry
    • Sophie Bertazzo
      Sophie Bertazzo

      Senior Editor

    • Beth
    • Dr. Fred Boltz
      Dr. Fred Boltz
      Dr. Fred Boltz

      Senior Vice President, International Policy (Former CI Employee)

    • Amanda Bourne
      Amanda Bourne
      Amanda Bourne

      Climate Adaptation Manager, Conservation South Africa (Former CI Employee)

    • Dr. Leo Braack
      Dr. Leo Braack

      Director, Southern Africa Wilderness Programme (Former CI Employee)

    • Allison Bredbenner
      Allison Bredbenner
      Allison Bredbenner

      Summer Fellow (Former CI Employee)

    • Tom Brooks
      Tom Brooks

      Vice President, Center for Applied Biodiversity Science (Former CI Employee)

    • Leah Bunce Karrer Helen Fox and Alan White
    • Dr. Leah Bunce Karrer
      Dr. Leah Bunce Karrer

      Senior Director, Marine Science (Former CI Employee)

    • Dr. Jonah Busch
      Dr. Jonah Busch
      Dr. Jonah Busch

      Economist, Climate + Forests (Former CI Employee)

  • C
    • Hannah Campbell
      Hannah Campbell

      Director, Climate Adaptation Policy + Practice (Former CI Employee)

    • Fernando Cardoso
      Fernando Cardoso

      Communications Coordinator, CI Brazil (Former CI Employee)

    • Dr. Jose Maria Cardoso da Silva
      Dr. Jose Maria Cardoso da Silva
      Dr. Jose Maria Cardoso da Silva

      Executive Vice President, Field Programs (Former CI Employee)

    • Rebecca Chacko
      Rebecca Chacko
      Rebecca Chacko

      Senior Director, Climate Policy (Former CI Employee)

    • Anand Chaudhary
      Anand Chaudhary
      Anand Chaudhary

      Former Vulture Conservation Program Officer, Bird Conservation Nepal

    • Todd Christopher
      Todd Christopher
      Todd Christopher

      Editorial Director (Former CI Employee)

    • Lily Clarke
      Lily Clarke

      Intern (Former CI Employee)

    • Katie Cohen
      Katie Cohen

      Middle School Teacher

    • Lawrence Connell
      Lawrence Connell
      Lawrence Connell

      Director, Multilateral Programs, Policy Center for Environment + Peace (Former CI Employee)

    • Kevin Connor
      Kevin Connor
      Kevin Connor

      Senior Media Relations Manager (Former CI Employee)

    • Eric Coppenger
      Eric Coppenger

      Director of Resource Strategy, Africa + Madagascar Field Division (Former CI Employee)

    • Luz Mery Cortes
      Luz Mery Cortes

      Communications Coordinator, CI Colombia (Former CI Employee)

    • Morgan Cottle
      Morgan Cottle
      Morgan Cottle

      Project Manager, Tropical Ecology Assessment & Monitoring (TEAM) Network (Former CI Employee)

    • David Crane
  • D
    • Lisa Dabek
      Lisa Dabek

      Director, Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program, Woodland Park Zoo

    • Dr. Indraneil Das
      Dr. Indraneil Das

      Herpetologist + Professor at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

    • Dr. Thomas Defler
      Dr. Thomas Defler

      Primatologist, National University of Colombia

    • Jessica Deichmann
      Jessica Deichmann

      Herpetologist, Rapid Assessment Program (RAP) (Former CI Employee)

    • Dr. Lyndon DeVantier
      Dr. Lyndon DeVantier

      Coral Ecologist

    • Dr. Giuseppe Di Carlo
      Dr. Giuseppe Di Carlo

      Manager, Marine Climate Change (Former CI Employee)

    • Sergei Didenko
      Sergei Didenko

      Sakhalin Salmon Initiative, CLP Award Winner

    • Alex Dinnouti
      Alex Dinnouti

    • Mirella Domenich
      Mirella Domenich

      Communications Manager, CI Brazil (Former CI Employee)

    • Michael Donoghue
      Michael Donoghue
      Michael Donoghue

      Executive Director, Pacific Islands Program (Former CI Employee)

    • Christine Dragisic
      Christine Dragisic
      Christine Dragisic

      Senior Manager, Agriculture, Biofuels and Forestry (Former CI Employee)

    • Leah Duran
      Leah Duran

      Development writer

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  • H
    • Hans Hagen
    • Ben Han
      Ben Han

      Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) Award Winner

    • Kate Hanford
      Kate Hanford
      Kate Hanford

      Manager, Strategic Engagement, Center for Environment + Peace (Former CI Employee)

    • Regina Harlig
      Regina Harlig
      Regina Harlig

      Senior Manager, Capacity-building + Knowledge Management, Social Policy + Practice (Former CI Employee)

    • Kristin Harrison and Jeremy Ginsberg
    • Dr. Frank Hawkins
      Dr. Frank Hawkins
      Dr. Frank Hawkins

      Senior Advisor, Development (Former CI Employee)

    • Shawn Heinrichs
    • Caro Hoyos
      Caro Hoyos

      Senior Manager, Communications Strategy (Former CI Employee)

    • Sarah Hoyt
      Sarah Hoyt
      Sarah Hoyt

      Executive Coordinator, Global Marine (Former CI Employee)

    • Dr. Christine Huffard
      Dr. Christine Huffard
      Dr. Christine Huffard

      Science + Monitoring Advisor, Bird's Head Seascape, CI Indonesia (Former CI Employee)

  • I
    • Mael Imirizaldu
      Mael Imirizaldu
      Mael Imirizaldu

      Marine Program Development Officer, CI New Caledonia (Former CI Employee)

    • Neel Inamdar
      Neel Inamdar

      Managing Director, Verde Ventures (Former CI Employee)

  • J
    • Mike James
      Mike James

      Scientific Director, Canadian Sea Turtle Network

    • Yan Jin
      Yan Jin
      Yan Jin

      Project Consultant, CI China

    • Laura Johnston
      Laura Johnston
      Laura Johnston

      Grants Manager, Ecosystem Finance + Markets (Former CI Employee)

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  • L
    • Dr. Enrique La Marca
    • Raina Lang
    • Kipp Lanham
      Kipp Lanham

      Media Relations Manager

    • Dr. Frank Larsen
      Dr. Frank Larsen

      Conservation Scientist, Conservation Priorities + Outreach (Former CI Employee)

    • Mr. Leatherback
      Mr. Leatherback
    • Tina Lee
      Tina Lee
      Tina Lee

      Manager for International Outreach, Ocean Health Index (Former CI Employee)

    • Gonwouo LeGrand
      Gonwouo LeGrand

      Professor + Herpetologist, University of Yaoundé

    • Jason Lezak
      Jason Lezak

      Swimmer, Olympic Medal-winner

    • Edward Lohnes
      Edward Lohnes

      Executive Assistant, Global Marine Conservation Strategies (Former CI Employee)

    • Jennifer Lowry
      Jennifer Lowry

      Scientist, Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) Award Winner

    • Heather Luca
      Heather Luca
      Heather Luca

      Acting Director, Marketing + Branding (Former CI Employee)

    • Luana Luna
      Luana Luna
      Luana Luna

      Photo + Graphic Design Coordinator, President's Office (Former CI Employee)

    • Morgan Lynch
      Morgan Lynch

      Writer/Editor (Former CI Employee)

  • M
    • Jimmy MacCarthy
      Jimmy MacCarthy
      Jimmy MacCarthy

      Technical + Communications Manager, TEAM Network (Former CI Employee)

    • Alex MacLennan
      Alex MacLennan

      Editorial Director (Former CI Employee)

    • Farayi Madziwa
      Farayi Madziwa

      Policy Associate, Conservation South Africa (Former CI Employee)

    • Orlando Maliwanag
      Orlando Maliwanag

      Assistant, Sea Turtle Marine Biodiversity Conservation Corridor, CI Philippines (Former CI Employee)

    • Sangeeta Mangubhai
      Sangeeta Mangubhai

      Marine Scientist, The Nature Conservancy

    • Fachruddin Mangunjaya
      Fachruddin Mangunjaya

      Publication Coordinator, CI Indonesia (Former CI Employee)

    • Francois Martel
      Francois Martel

      Director, CI Samoa (Former CI Employee)

    • Chase Martin
      Chase Martin

      Media Coordinator (Former CI Employee)

    • Rod Mast
      Rod Mast
      Rod Mast

      Vice President (Former CI Employee)

    • Dr. John Matthews
      Dr. John Matthews
      Dr. John Matthews

      Director, Freshwater Climate Change (Former CI Employee)

    • Alex Mauroner
      Alex Mauroner
      Alex Mauroner

      Intern, Center for Environment and Peace (Former CI Employee)

    • Kim McCabe
      Kim McCabe
      Kim McCabe

      Vice President, News + Publicity (Former CI Employee)

    • Tim McCollum
      Tim McCollum

      Co-founder, Madécasse Chocolate

    • Jennifer McCullough
      Jennifer McCullough

      Director, Strategic Engagement

    • Frazer McGilvray
      Frazer McGilvray
      Frazer McGilvray

      Senior Director, Coral Reefs, Fisheries + Food Security (Former CI Employee)

    • Seabird McKeon
      Seabird McKeon

      Crustacean Specialist

    • Rob McNeil
      Rob McNeil

      Media Director (Former CI Employee)

    • Karen Mikosz
      Karen Mikosz

      Photo Coordinator (Former CI Employee)

    • Tessa Mildenhall
      Tessa Mildenhall
      Tessa Mildenhall

      Communications and Fundraising Director, Conservation South Africa (Former Employee)

    • Dr. Robin Moore
      Dr. Robin Moore
      Dr. Robin Moore

      Amphibian Conservation Officer (Former CI Employee)

    • Mandy Morgan
      Mandy Morgan
      Mandy Morgan

      Staff Writer (Former CI Employee)

  • N
  • O
    • Dr. David Obura
      Dr. David Obura

      Coral Expert + Director of CORDIO East Africa

    • Joan Ochi
      Joan Ochi

      Senior Director, Corporate Marketing + Communications (Former CI Employee)

    • Donnell Ocker Roy
      Donnell Ocker Roy
      Donnell Ocker Roy

      Senior Director, Corporate Relations (Former CI Employee)

    • Manuel Oliva
      Manuel Oliva

      Director, U.S. Climate Policy (Former CI Employee)

    • Tom Oliver
      Tom Oliver

      Coral Genetics Specialist

  • P
    • Jean-Philippe Palasi
      Jean-Philippe Palasi
      Jean-Philippe Palasi

      Senior Director, European Policy (Former CI Employee)

    • Rory Parkinson
      Rory Parkinson

      Second-grade Teacher, Harare, Zimbabwe

    • Simisha Pather-Elias
      Simisha Pather-Elias

      Climate Action Partnership, Conservation South Africa (Former CI Employee)

    • Alex Peal
      Alex Peal

      Country Director, CI Liberia (Former CI Employee)

    • Aaron Peirsol
      Aaron Peirsol

      Former Competitive Swimmer + Olympic Medal-winner

    • Jason Philibotte
      Jason Philibotte
      Jason Philibotte

      Director, Hawaii Fish Trust (Former CI Employee)

    • Jessica Pink
    • Rui Pinto
      Rui Pinto

      Policy Manager, CI Timor-Leste (Former CI Employee)

    • Luiz Paulo Pinto
      Luiz Paulo Pinto

      Senior Biomes Director, CI Brazil (Former CI Employee)

    • Christine Potochny
      Christine Potochny

      Web Director (Former CI Employee)

    • Laurene Powell Jobs
    • Kat Powers
      Kat Powers

      Senior Manager, Online Fundraising (Former CI Employee)

    • Paulo Prado
      Paulo Prado
      Paulo Prado

      Environmental Policy Director, CI Brazil (Former CI Employee)

    • Kate Proud
      Kate Proud
    • Katy Puga
      Katy Puga

      Communications Coordinator, CI Ecuador (Former CI Employee)

  • Q
    • Jia Qi
      Jia Qi
      Jia Qi

      Communications Manager, CI China (Former CI Employee)

  • R
    • Nirhy Rabibisoa
      Nirhy Rabibisoa

      Amphibian Executive Secretary, CI Madagascar (Former CI Employee)

    • Daniela Raik
      Daniela Raik
      Daniela Raik

      Vice President of Field Programs (Former CI Employee)

    • Miliana Ravuso
      Miliana Ravuso

      Program Coordinator, BirdLife International Pacific Secretariat

    • Dr. Ben Rawson
      Dr. Ben Rawson

      Veun Sai-Siem Pang Conservation Area Scape Manager, CI Cambodia (Former CI Employee)

    • Carol Realini
      Carol Realini
    • Josh Richards
      Josh Richards

      Intern, Climate Strategy (Former CI Employee)

    • Akosita Rokomate-Nakoro
      Akosita Rokomate-Nakoro
      Akosita Rokomate-Nakoro

      Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) Award Winner

    • Dr. Andrew Rosenberg
      Dr. Andrew Rosenberg

      Senior Vice President, Science + Knowledge (Former CI Employee)

    • Alejandro Rosselli
      Alejandro Rosselli
      Alejandro Rosselli

      National Coordinator, Conservation Stewards Program (Colombia) (Former CI Employee)

    • Sean Rovito
      Sean Rovito


    • Pratim Roy
      Pratim Roy

      Director, Keystone Foundation

    • Heidi Ruffler
      Heidi Ruffler
      Heidi Ruffler

      Technical Advisor, Africa + Madagascar Field Division (Former CI Employee)

  • S
  • T
    • Lynn Tang
      Lynn Tang
      Lynn Tang

      Partnerships + Communications Manager, CI Singapore (Former CI Employee)

    • Victoria Tauli-Corpuz
      Victoria Tauli-Corpuz

      CI Board Member + Executive Director of Tebtebba

    • The COP16 Team
    • Roald Tjon
      Roald Tjon
      Roald Tjon

      Communications Coordinator, CI Suriname (Former CI Employee)

    • Annette Tjon Sie Fat
      Annette Tjon Sie Fat
      Annette Tjon Sie Fat

      Executive Director, CI Suriname (Former CI Employee)

    • Michael Totten
      Michael Totten

      Chief Advisor, Climate and Water (Former CI Employee)

    • Romy Trono
      Romy Trono
      Romy Trono

      Executive Director, CI Philippines (Former CI Employee)

    • Chris Tuite
      Chris Tuite

      Senior Advisor, Carbon Fund (Former CI Employee)

  • U
    • Emili Utreras
      Emili Utreras

      Communications Specialist, CI Ecuador (Former CI Employee)

  • V
  • W
    • Dr. Bryan Wallace
      Dr. Bryan Wallace
      Dr. Bryan Wallace

      Director of Science + Strategy, Marine Flagship Species Program (Former CI Employee)

    • Todd Walters
      Todd Walters
      Todd Walters

      Fellow, Policy Center for Environment + Peace

    • Eric Walton
      Eric Walton

      Editorial Intern (Former CI Employee)

    • John Watkin
      John Watkin
      John Watkin

      Grant Director, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF)

    • Tatianna Wiegand-Stuart
    • Andy Wilson
      Andy Wilson
      Andy Wilson

      Vice President, Development (Former CI Employee)

    • Andrea Wolfson
      Andrea Wolfson
      Andrea Wolfson

      Editorial Manager, Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (CELB) (Former CI Employee)

    • Dr. Boris Worm
      Dr. Boris Worm
      Dr. Boris Worm

      Marine Biologist + Professor, Dalhousie University

    • Dan Wright
      Dan Wright

      Human Resources Manager (Former CI Employee)

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